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Food Forest DIY

Transform your backyard into a beautiful, bountiful space, like your very own Garden of Eden

A food forest is a way to mimic nature. Just like a forest has multiple layers of growth – tall, canopy trees, smaller trees and shrubs, plants that grow along the ground, vines – we want to create systems in your backyard, that are beautiful, abundant, and productive.

Imagine having beautiful, fruiting trees, alongside fragrant herbs, with flowers that attract pollinators, and more tropical potatoes and spinach than you could ever use. Does that sound like a dream? Let’s make it reality!


Let us come visit your yard and observe. Where is the sun? Where is the shade? Where does water pool when it rains? We’ll give you advice on how to maximize production, and what plants might work well in your space.


Together, we’ll discuss what’s important to you, and come up with a plan. Then, we’ll help source the best plants and place them for optimal growth. We want your food forest to thrive, filling your yard with both beauty and bounty!

Herb & TEA Garden

Do you love to cook with fresh herbs? Do you love the idea of making your own herbal teas from luscious plants like Lemongrass and Cranberry Hibsicus? We can incorporate these elements into your food forest design.

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About Us

Jen Reelitz is an avid food forest advocate passionate about helping others find joy in growing food. She is the owner of Food Forest DIY, a landscape design company and the author of a newly released book, Food Forest Revolution. The first edition of this book is written specifically for Florida, but Jen is working on an expanded edition which will have application nationwide. Jen was classically trained in political science and nonprofit fundraising, so the fact that she’s now a widely requested gardening consultant and speaker is hilarious. Jen lives in South Florida on a two acre hobby farm with her husband Jared, and their three young sons. They have hundreds of fruiting plants, perennial vegetables and tropical root crops, along with a plant nursery, Kune Kune pigs, and too many chickens. Jen’s little boys spend their days roaming the land, playing in the treehouse, and catching all varieties of lizards, wild snakes, turtles, frogs, fish, and the occasional baby alligator while her gearhead husband Jared does antique car conversions in his garage. Jen is honored to share her passion for food forest with anyone who has ears to hear and eyes to see why this is an idea whose time has come.


Imagine if you knew where your food came from and were 100% sure that harmful chemicals and pesticides weren’t sprayed on the food your family eats.


Did you know that most of our produce travels 1,500 miles to get to our table? Whether it’s produce or farm fresh eggs, we’re 100% convinced that fresh is best! Both in flavor and quality.


Don’t be solely reliant on corporate food systems or global supply chains; growing on your own land and buying local is the best way to ensure food security for your family and your region.

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